Sagi Levy Sagi Levy, PhD
Principle Investigator
Phone:   +972-77-8871436

Dr. Sagi Levy received his BSc in Physics at the Hebrew University, and MSc and PhD degrees in Biological Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in the lab of Prof. Naama Barkai. His research combined mathematical modeling and quantitative experiments in model organisms to study computational principles in biological processes, including embryonic development, transcription regulation, cellular growth and nutrient homeostasis. Sagi did his postdoc at the Rockefeller University in the lab of Prof. Cori Bargmann, where he studied how neurons translate environmental cues into sensory activity and behavior. In 2020, Sagi joined the Faculty of Biology in the Technion.

Menachem Katz Menachem Katz, PhD
Lab manager
Phone:   +972-77-8874838

Dr. Menachem Katz earned his B.Sc. in life sciences at the Tel Aviv University, and MSc and PhD in biochemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he studied EGFR-signaling in Prof. Yosef Yarden’s lab. For his postdoctoral training, Menachem joined the lab of Prof. Shai Shaham at the Rockefeller University, where he studied the roles of astroglia in control of C. elegans behavior. Menachem joined the Levy lab in 2020.